I remember…

When I was in the 4th grade I had a very young, very forward thinking teacher. Among other quirks, he gave us a lot of creative writing assignments that I remember attacking with a particular “gusto”.

There was an assignment about updating/changing a “classic story of our youth”. I imagined the three little pigs as tenants with a very angry landlord, a big bad wolf.

Another assignment, make a collage and tell a story  about it:  Our teacher brought in a stack of magazines; Time, Newsweek, Life, etc. I found a really coo, full-page H.R. Giger painting. Then I found a picture of a vaguely middle-eastern guy on an an exercise machine. i cut him out, put a picture of a big machine gun under his arm, and made it look like he was trying to shoot the giant Giger-monster. I called the story and picture, “The Monster that Ate Afghanistan!” It was about a boy who doesn’t wax behind his ears and the accumulated dirt becomes a monster- a giant monster that attacks Afghanistan!

But i think my best moment (and this is true) was my play(!) about an ax murderer who visits Gilligan’s Island!! And I got a group of kids (about half the class- it was a big cast) to perform it for (rest of) the class! At one point, I (playing the ax murderer) chop down all the characters of Gilligan’s Island as their names are called in the theme song, being sung by an off-stage choir!!!

It ends in an underwater fight with some scuba guys and somehow, a sinking submarine!!!

How about that?!

I so wish I somehow still had these stories that I wrote oh so many years ago, but this is all I can remember.

I just wanted to make sure I never forget them.


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